About Us

The CostEng technology has been developed by our Estcon Estimating Consulting Company which has consulted to the international industrial development industry since 1981.


Estcon recognised the need for reliable reference information, especially man-hours for installation activities. An investigation of existing published data did not provide the confidence required. Estcon thus commenced its own research to establish its own reference databases.


These databases were initially trialed for many years prior to being accepted as the 'Estcon norms'. With the advent of computer systems, a program was initiated to design estimating systems that followed internationally accepted practices but also interfaced with the reference data developed by Estcon.


After many year of R&D, the resulting IP was patented and development work was initiated to establish simple and effective solutions for the industrial project development world.


CostEng is now the corporate arm that has been licensed for global commercialisation of the Estcon IP.


CostEng is gaining rapid international recognition as an innovative solution in cost engineering technologies. 


Licensing and Technology Partners


CostEng is interested in talking to licensing, strategic and technology partners. For more information contact us or email sales@costeng.com